Reflection: Making it work for you

Reflection: Making it work for you

How easy do you find reflection?

I don’t find it too hard but I have to be in the right space, both mentally and physically. I like a good coffee shop (that’s where I am now) or, in warmer weather, an inspiring outdoor spot with a great view. It helps to give my mind permission to wander, to take it slow and let connections, ideas and questions emerge.

Some find it easier to reflect with others; to speak their thoughts and explore tentative ideas together. Their energy for reflection is maintained and new insights gained as they question each other and give voice to concerns, fears, feelings and observations.

Some find following a model helpful and others like a freeform approach.

When I work with clients who find reflection hard, one method that seems to work for all is to go outside for a walk. The process of movement and being side by side with someone seems to make reflecting on an idea, challenge or solution easier. We agree the topic of reflection before we set off, sometimes crafting a question to hold lightly as we walk. Nature has an amazing ability to provide inspiration at just the right time. A shift in the light can bring about new realisations and a different view, a new perspective.


Reflection can have powerful impact on our work, bringing about new understanding of a person or issue and enabling us to react or act differently. It’s a valuable tool for coaches, leaders and managers to harness and I wonder:

• How do you do your best reflecting?

• Where do you do your best reflecting?

• What gets in the way?

• What helps?

If you’d like help with reflection either through coaching, coaching supervision or a reflective oasis please get in touch.

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