Working with what emerges

Working with what emerges

How open are you to working in the here and now?

Recently, the co-coaching forum that I am a member of met to explore ‘working with what emerges’. We started by each choosing a picture that resonated with us, noticing what they brought up for us and tuning into the senses, thoughts and emotions they provoked. This proved to be a fascinating exercise that set up us well for working in the ‘here and now’ for the rest of the evening.

Often, we can get so caught up in the ‘what was’ and excited or daunted the ‘what will be’ that we spend little time with 'what is'.

It is helpful to take time to notice what is going on for us right now. To identify and be curious about a niggling thought or sit with and fully experience a moment of sadness, discomfort or joy.

Knowing this impacts my practice in three ways:

  1. It helps me to realise where I am and what is going on for me before a session. Taking time to think about how this might impact my work with clients, enables me to park what I can, strengthen boundaries where necessary and prepare myself to be fully available for the work.
  2. Being able to tune into myself during a session offers a third ear; another insight into what might be happening in the session and the relationship. It can help me pace a session, know when to speak and when to keep silent. It informs the questions I ask and guides the choice of any interventions.
  3. It encourages me to set aside time during a session to invite the client to notice what is happening for them at a particular moment and to encourage their curiosity around what emerges. Modelling within a session what might be beneficial to master outside a session helps clients to learn new skills.


I encourage you to spend a few moments now tuning into your thoughts, feelings and emotions:

  • What do you notice?
  • And what else do you notice?
  • And what difference might that noticing make?

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