Reflective Oasis

You may not have set goals to work towards and therefore coaching is not the right intervention, however having “time out to think” is greatly valued and brings significant personal and professional benefits.

A reflective oasis is a relaxed, safe and confidential space in which you can think about your work.  It’s an opportunity to take time to reflect on your successes and challenges and to explore what this means for you right now.

These longer sessions last between 1.5 and 3 hours and although they can be booked as a one-off session, several senior clients use them on a more regular basis and see me quarterly.

Clients have found these sessions useful for:

  • Reviewing their career
  • Strategic planning
  • Reappraising their work/life balance
  • Reconnecting with their values and finding meaning in their work
  • Exploring possible opportunities
  • Considering their legacy and what they want to be known for
  • Taking a wider, deeper view of their connection with the world
  • Planning towards retirement

These sessions are delivered face-to-face in a variety of spaces chosen to inspire thinking, stimulate awareness and offer different perspectives. Places I commonly use include Harlow Carr Gardens, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Leeds Art Gallery, Salts Mill, Wycoller Country Park and St Ives Estate.

These sessions are delivered face-to-face at my based in Harden, West Yorkshire. If the weather allows various local outdoor spaces can also be used to offer a different perspective.

All fees are quoted individually due to the bespoke nature of our service.

Discounted rates are negotiable for multiple bookings within the same organisation.

If you would like to book a Reflective Oasis please contact me now.

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